In September 2018 Hope Church purchased the former Odeon cinema in the centre of Ipswich. The 5-screen cinema, built in the early 90s has stood empty since 2005 and will be transformed into a new centre for the church, giving considerable room to grow as a church community and to grow the many and varied ministries that are serving our town.


Here are some answers to questions that you may have:

We are aiming to make a full move from the Orwell Centre to the former Odeon cinema at the start of 2020, although we're hopeful fora Christmas celebration to take place at the end of 2019. Further refurbishment will take place in the years to come to make the centre an excellent community hub. 
We anticipate that the centre will accommodate the following features.
  • A 700-seater auditorium.
  • A smaller 200 seater auditorium which would function as a multi-use room. 
  • Several smaller multi-use rooms. 
  • Multiple offices for Hope Church staff and others.
  • A Cafe open to the general public. 
You can check out the proposed floor plans for the redevelopment below.
We are giving into our next "journey offering" in September 2019. You may like to invest in this in advance of then - please do so via our giving page and reference the Journey Offering in your gift. If you wish to make a no-interest loan, please contact us at the nearest opportunity. 


Below are the proposed floor plans for the redevelopment of the new building. These plans are not finalised in any way yet, but hopefully will give an idea how how the space in the building can be used. Click on the images below to view each floor.

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